A new update is available

When a new update is available you should get a notification from Envato/CodeCanyon you can download and update to the new version.

All configured shipping rates are saved in the database. Meaning you can safely update without losing your configuration.

To get started you first need to download the update. Follow the steps below to download the update.

  1. First go to codecanyon.net and login to your account.
  2. Go to http://codecanyon.net/downloads to view all you available downloads.
  3. Search the WooCommerce Advanced Shipping row and click ‘download’ to download the latest version.
  4. Unpack the downloaded file to find the actual plugin files inside.

Option 1: Update via FTP

  1. Open your favourite FTP application (for example FileZilla) and login to your hosting server.
  2. Go to the “wp-content/plugins/” folder where the current version of the plugin is installed.
  3. Unpack the actual plugin files you’ve found in step 4 above
  4. Upload the plugin folder into the ‘plugins’ folder, you will get a notice if you want to replace the current files, click ‘Yes’.

Thats it! When all the files are transferred the update is done.

Option 2: Update via plugins page

  1. Open your WordPress site
  2. Go to the plugins page
  3. Deactivate and delete the current WooCommerce Advanced Shipping plugin.
  4. Click on ‘Add new’ to add a new plugin
  5. Upload the .zip file with the actual plugin files found in step 4 above.
  6. Activate the plugin

Thats it! The new plugin version is now installed.