Applying conditions and shipping cost to another shipping method

As WooCommerce Advanced Shipping lets you manage your own shipping rates in any way you wish to. This works great for setting up your own shipping rates, but in some scenario’s you may wish to modify existing other shipping rates such as live shipping carrier rates. Think about adding conditions to such shipping rate, preventing it from showing up for countries where you may have a more cost effective solution for your customer. Another scenario is to add a bit of extra cost or giving a discount of some sort to another rate.

By default adding conditions / cost to another rate isn’t possible within the WooCommerce Advanced Shipping plugin, but I’m happy to inform you there’s a extension script available that adds that feature!

On the screenshot on the right you see where you can assign all the conditions and cost of the current shipping rate to another one. When this option is setup, it will only apply to that other shipping method, and no longer be shown as a shipping rate itself.


You can use all the conditions and condition groups in exactly the same way as if you would with a regular shipping rate.

It is notable to say that if the shipping method you’re applying the conditions too is already a conditional shipping rate, these conditions will be added on top of that. For example, if you’re using a shipping rate thats only available / shows up in the United States, setting up a Canada country condition wouldn’t make it show up.


The cost you’ve setup in the shipping rate will be applied to the selected shipping method. When you’ve setup a positive amount it will add the cost, and when using a negative amount it will decrease the amount.

The WAS Advanced Pricing extension has been made fully compatible with this so that the cost setup in the Advanced Pricing section will also be applied accordingly to the other shipping rate.

How to get the extension script

If you’d like to receive this extension script, please send me a message through this form on my website. There are no additional cost attached to the extension when you’ve purchased the WooCommerce Advanced Shipping plugin and have a valid support license.

Compatibility and support

This extension script has been made to recognise all shipping methods and shipping rates from WAS. Due to the way WooCommerce works with (pre-registered) shipping ‘methods’ and (not pre-registered) shipping ‘rates’, not all shipping rates will be recognised by default. It is possible to add any shipping rates manually, or if you’d like to, you can let me add support for any (major) shipping carrier plugin. For this I may charge a fee to do so.

I will always try to answer any of your questions to the best of my abilities, but as this extension script is not officially part of the plugin the support I give may be limited.