Combining shipping rates

I imagine you have the need for a setup with something like;

– Each product of shipping class A costs $1.50 to ship
– Each product of shipping class B costs $2.50 to ship

A question that is being asked with some frequency is how to combine different shipping rates as shown on the right to show as one price. Short answer, this is not possible (but do read on).

How shipping rates work

Each shipping rate create will be displayed as a separate option to the customer if they meet all conditions set in one of the condition groups. Separate configured shipping rates do not merge automatically together, but you can still configure cost per product / shipping class / category …

How to setup shipping cost per product (shipping class/category)

In order to setup a cost per product, shipping class, category you are looking for the extension WooCommerce Advanced Shipping – Advanced Pricing, which extends WooCommerce Advanced Shipping.

With the WAS Advanced Pricing extension there will be an additional section to configure cost based on selected pricing option. It adds a section below the regular shipping settings ready for you to get started.

In the link above you will find out a more extensive documentation how to get and use this extension.

Apply conditions to another shipping rate.

A new doc is created on how to add shipping cost / conditions to another shipping rate. If its possible to use the WAS Advanced Pricing extension mentioned above, its recommended. Otherwise, read on here: How to apply conditions / cost to another shipping method.