Because of theĀ  WooCommerce Advanced Shipping plugin I get a lot of shipping related questions. One I see coming by on a frequent basis is the one about changing the message that is being displayed that there are no available shipping methods.

When there are no shipping methods available the following message will appear;

There are no shipping methods available. Please double check your address, or contact us if you need any help

Which is Ok, but not great. Maybe you don’t ship to a specific country, only allow pickup, or maybe the customer needs to contact you for shipping. This message just leaves them in the dark, and frankly I would leave the store 99/100 times to order the product somewhere else.

With a more personalised message you can avoid this and give the user more information.

How to change the message

One way of changing the message is by using hooks. You can set your own message with two WordPress hooks. To use this, copy the contents of it to your (child) themes functions.php. I recommend doing this via a FTP application. You can of course set your message accordingly.

The result;

WooCommerce Custom no shipping available message