When offering free shipping for your entire store you’ll likely see very good conversions. Setting up free shipping is very easy in WooCommerce, but unfortunately Woo does tend to continue to show the shipping cost, even if its $0. 

When using the WooCommerce Core ‘Free shipping’ shipping method it will show things correctly on the cart and checkout page, without a shipping cost label. 

Cart/Checkout Page

If you’re not using the ‘Free shipping’ method but do offer free shipping in certain scenario’s you may want to remove the shipping amount too. Using the following snippet you can remove the amount on the cart/checkout pages when the order total is $0. 

– As you can see when using a ‘Flat rate’ shipping method it does show the shipping cost.

Removing Shipping Cost Label for Free Shipping

Confirmation Page

When on the confirmation page it will however show the shipping cost, even when using a free shipping rate, making it look a bit duplicate information;

Showing both the cost of “$0.00” and thats its “via Free shipping” isn’t the best user experience.

Removing the Shipping Cost Label When its Free Shipping

The following code snippet helps with removing the shipping cost label when the shipping cost is $0. It will simply only display the shipping title, nothing more and nothing less.

With this in place things will show without the cost portion on the confirmation page and the emails the customer receives.

If you do have any paid shipping options / to other locations where its not free shipping the rates will continue to show both their cost and the shipping title as before.

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