If you’ve read the Advanced Messages Smart Labels documentation and couldn’t find a Smart Label that you needed, you’ve come to the right place. In here I’ll show how you can add your own custom Smart Label.

Creating a Custom Smart Label

In this first example I’ll show how you can create a simple custom Smart Label. More specifically, create and use a {post_title} Smart Label.

Its a very simple example, but very effective. With this you’ll now be able to use {post_title} in any of the messages and it will automatically replace it with the actual post title.

Product Specific Custom Smart Label

For this example I’ll show how you can add the product tax status as a Smart Label. This will include a check to see if the current page being viewed is in fact a product.

With the above code snippet you’ll be able to use {product_tax_status} from within any of the messages (that are displayed on a product page).