With WooCommerce Extra Shipping Options you can add a variety of fields and options to shipping rates with conditional logic. You have complete control over which fields show up at what time!

Do you need to add a delivery date, pickup location, shipping options, or descriptive text with your shipping rate? Each of these field types can be added to shipping rates with this plugin.

Along with the power to add fields you will also be able to choose when the fields are displayed based on factors such as items in the cart, shipping address, or customer action. You wouldn’t want the ‘delivery date’ field to show up when someone chooses the ‘pickup’ option, that doesn’t make sense, right?!


  • Add unlimited options to shipping rates
  • Use conditional logic to decide when options are displayed to the customer
  • Add fees to any of the new options
  • Choose from different types of field to add: checkbox, radio button, text, text box, dropdown, date picker
  • Precise control over field types such as ability to disable weekends in the date picker and only allow dates in the future to be selected

Use Cases

Allow the customer to choose the delivery date of their package

Display the expected delivery date

List the pickup locations for the customer to choose from

Offer the customer shipping options like gift wrapping, insurance, or tracking

Show delivery date field with only certain available days depending on the customer zip code