Frequently Asked Questions
Are prices updated live?

The prices are updated live on all pages, including on the product, archive and cart/checkout.

Note that pricing rules, based on quantity for example, are applied based on what is in fact in the cart, not on the intended quantity of whats in the quantity field, but not yet in the cart. Once the quantity is added to the cart and the page refreshes the price with pricing rules applied to it will be shown.

How are pricing rules applied?

Pricing rules are applied based on the regular price, this includes when using a 'sale price' price type.

For example, a product that costs $10 and already has a sale price of $8. When a pricing rule of -25% is applied this will be based on the $10 regular price, giving the product a price of $7.50.

In which order are pricing rules applied?

Pricing rules are applied in serial, one after another, in the order to which they are listed in the configuration.

The pricing rules configured on individual products are applied before global pricing rules are.

Is there a pricing table on the front-end?

Short answer, no. The plugin focuses on providing functionality to adjust product prices and it does not display any kind of pricing tables on the front-end.

There is a code snippet available though that adds a simple pricing table for bulk pricing rules only (feel free to reach out to request this through the support channel).