Allow customers to rate your products on different areas.

Letting a customer rate your products in one area is nice, but it will not give a clear view of what the reviewer thinks. Your visitors will see the ratings, but they will have no idea if that is for the great service you’ve provided, because the product is great, or both.

For example, letting a customer rate the product on quality/price and rating your service separately will give other potential customers a better view of what they can expect and thus will result in more trust in you and  your products.

WooCommerce Extended Reviews lets you add different areas for a customer to review. Even better, you can add different areas per product category. Are you selling movies and music? You probably want to let your users rate the movies on different areas than the music.


  • Set multiple rating areas
  • Different rating areas per product category
  • New style of rating stars (coming soon)
  • Easy installation

Use cases

Below are a couple of examples of how you could let users rate your products. It is possible to use all these areas on one website based on product categories.

Movies Phones Games
  • Duration
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Battery
  • Quality
  • Camera
  • Gameplay
  • Single player
  • Multiplayer