For every eCommerce business that wants to grow, it starts with tracking data.

Tracking your eCommerce data is one of the most important things you need to do when starting an eCommerce business. The data will give you insight into your product performance, what sells and what doesn’t, and where people leave your shop. With this information you can optimize your website to generate more revenue and more profit.

In May 2014 Google launched ‘Enhanced eCommerce’ tracking. The Enhanced eCommerce tracking reports will provide more information and a better view to merchants about their products and sales. Besides Enhanced eCommerce tracking, there is also the regular ‘eCommerce’ tracking, but as the name will give the surprise away, the ‘Enhanced eCommerce’ data set is superior.

Easy Digital Downloads Enhanced eCommerce Tracking will provide all the features to track your sales and product performance through Google Analytics.


  • Track purchases
  • Track add to cart
  • Track remove from cart
  • Track product impressions
  • Track refunds
  • Many MANY more features

Data tracking

Track your data with 99% precision! Because we use the Google Analytics Measurement Protocol we do not rely on the regular JavaScript (JS) calls made to Google to track your data. The disadvantage of tacking with JS is that when a user doesn’t have JS enabled, or if the page isn’t fully loaded, the tracking call will not be send to Google. With the Measurement Protocol the data of your customers will be tracking with more precision!

This extension is developed by Jeroen Sormani, a Google Analytics Qualified Individual.