Add product labels to your downloadable products to increase product visibility.

Online stores often contain a lot of products. A potential customer can never view all of them. Thats why it’s important to categorize your products and give as much information as possible in the overview, without clogging up your page.

With EDD Advanced Product Labels you can add a product label to show a bit more information about your product. With the plugin you can easily add labels to a single product or a group of products. You can target groups of products with powerful conditional logic settings available in the plugin.


  • Add labels
  • 3 different types by default
  • Options to set text, color, align and type
  • Use the beautiful default colors, or set your own custom colors
  • Live preview in the back-end

Use cases

Display a “Coming soon!” label

Show a discount percentage; “10% OFF” (requires EDD Sale Price)

Promote your free products with a “FREE” label

Highlight your top x downloads with “Bestseller!

Give you downloads that are created less than x days ago a “New” label