Flexible and configurable fees for your downloads.

The EDD Advanced Fees plugin allows you to add additional fees to your purchases based on the conditions you want and need. Setup fees based on the payment gateway, order amount, product / categories present in the cart, user role, customer location and more.

Fees can be both positive and negative, allowing to add or subtract cost from an purchase according to your needs.

A common use case is to setup a fee based on the payment gateway for example. Using the EDD Advanced Fees plugin you can easily configure this, and the totals are automatically updated on payment gateway change.

Fees can be a a fixed amount or a purchase percentage. The configured fee can also be multiplied with the quantity of items that are present in the cart.

Full list of conditions

  • Order amount
  • Item Quantity
  • Discount code/amount/percentage
  • Contains product
  • Contains category
  • Payment gateway

User conditions

  • Country
  • State
  • User role

Integration conditions

  • Product vendor (Frontend Submissions, coming)